Growing delicious, organic greens at home is easier and faster than you think. Play video to see how!

Start growing your microgreens and herbs now...

Start growing with Evolve Garden. You just have to add water.

Evolve Garden with 2 easy to grow seed refills.

Everything you need to start growing mouth-watering, organic greens right on your kitchen countertop, window sill or office. Grow 60€ worth of greens in your first month!
Start growing now. Get your Evolve kit.

What are microgreens...

... and why should you care?

Microgreens have gained a lot of popularity in the last years due to their extremely high nutrient density (up to 40x more nutrients than fully grown vegetables), delicious taste and the fact they look so great on your plate.

Microgreens are an early stage in a plant's growth - instead of waiting months for the plant to grow, we eat it in the 7-12 day period after the germination.

And the best part - You can grow them in your apartment. With Evolve Garden, the process is so easy, a 3-year-old can do it (we have tried) and the result is so delicious, he will want to eat them too.

You can grow up to 300g of microgreens from just one Evolve seed pack. Every starter kit comes with 2 seed packs. That means you can grow 60€ worth of microgreens in your first month!

Why grow microgreens at home?

40 X more nutrients
7 days to harvest
10 greens to choose from
300 grams of yield

3 simple steps... get these delicious greens to your plate in 10 days.

Just add water to the growing pad

Place the growing pad into the tray and add water. We have ditched the dirty soil for our 100% compostable, natural coconut pads. There is no mess and the pads are developed to hold water for over 10 days, so you only have to water your greens once.

Sprinkle with the seed of your choice

Our organic seeds come pre-packaged in the perfect amounts for the variety you want to grow. No guessing here. The only thing you have to think about is what delicious greens you would like to have on your plate a week later.

After 7-10 days, harvest and enjoy

Microgreens are super easy and fast to grow - just set it and forget it. They will be ready for a gourmet meal, a salad or a smoothie in 7 to 10 days, depending on the variety. Cut them with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. You can store them in a fridge for up to 2 weeks or cut them from the Evolve Garden as you go.

Grow up to 3 trays of greens and herbs at once in a compact space.

Evolve Stand

Stack up to 3 trays vertically, for maximum use of your space. Trays are designed so every single seed will get as much light as possible. It comes with 9 seed packs. Grow 300€ worth of microgreens in your first month.
Order your Evolve Stand now!

Up to 300g of greens in one go - over 90€ value.

Microgreens are still a rare find in European markets. They are usually not sold in supermarkets, because they really need to be enjoyed fresh. And in the places where you can find them, they are expensive - often going for 5€ or more for a small, 50g pack.

Evolve Garden provides a large growing area that will yield up to 300g of greens - with just one of our Evolve seed packs. That means you will be able to grow up to 90€ worth of microgreens in just the first month.

Beautifully crafted wooden frames.

Every Evolve Garden comes with a modern wooden frame. The frame is designed to provide great support for the growing tray and expose your greens to as much light as possible.

It's also designed to fit into our vertical Evolve Stand. If you are serious about growing microgreens, have a large family or even a restaurant, you can easily slide these frames into the Evolve Stand and save a lot of space.

But, it also looks great on any countertop, shelf or window sill or even office desk. It's like a piece of furniture and the contrast between wood and greens is really something to look at.

Buy Evolve Garden now!

Study shows - Microgreens have up to 40x more nutrients!

We all know that eating vegetables is healthy. Vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, and fiber... they are all essential for healthy living.

But, quantity is not the only thing that matters.

USDA study has found that Microgreens contain up to 40x the nutrients of a fully grown plant. And, best of all, it's all packed in a small, delicious package that you can grow yourself in just 7 to 10 days.

Start growing your own greens and herbs with Evolve Garden - you can choose from 10 different varieties.

Can I grow microgreens in my apartment, in my climate?

Short answer: Yes. Evolve Garden allows you to grow microgreens and herbs in all climates, all times of the year. It takes up so little space you can grow them even in a small apartment or put one on your office desk.

Microgreens and herbs don't relly much on external factors for their growth - just a little bit of light and some water is fine. They don't need to be fertilized, because all the nutrients they need for growth are already in the seed, so you know there are no nasty chemicals involved.

They thrive even during the winter in the northern climate zones.

Click here to see more frequently asked questions about microgreens and Evolve Garden.

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