How hard is it to grow Microgreens?

With Evolve Garden, growing your own nutritious greens full of nutrients is fast and easy. We have a saying "just add water" and you will find that there is really not much more to do. Even a 3 year old can grow them - we know from experience (read more about that in our blog).

How long does it really take to grow microgreens?

7 to 10 days! No, that is not just marketing talk, it really takes only that long.

Microgreens grow really fast and Evolve provides a perfect environment for them.

Where and how can I cook with microgreens?

You can make salads, add them to smoothies, steaks, sauces, soups, sandwiches or eat them by themselves... The possibilities are endless.

To get you started, we prepared some recipes on our websites, go check them out.

Why do I need Evolve Garden? Can't I just use a plastic tray?

We encourage everyone to grow their own microgreens. It's healthy, good for the environment and delicious. And you can do that with a  plastic tray, some soil and some seeds.

Evolve Garden is an easy way out. We provide everything you need in a simple, easy to use package.

  • Our trays and coconut pads hold the water longer than regular soil and are easy to compost.
  • We use high quality, EU grown seeds (non-GMO, most of them are organic) that provide a high success rate.
  • Evolve wooden frames and stands are beautifully crafted and are a treat to look at.
  • Every seed pad comes with instructions, so you never have to guess how to proceed.

What do microgreens taste like?

Each variety has its own flavour, but in general, they taste very similar to the adult plants.

Radish greens have a spicy kick to them, pea shoots are crunchy and sweet, sunflowers have a nutty, earthy tone that is perfect in a hearty soup or a spread. Read more about the flavours on the web store.

What is that white stuff forming on the seeds? Is that mold?

Don't worry, it's not mold. When seeds are sprouting, they form thin, white, hairy roots in the first few days. This is completely normal and the roots will grow larger and stronger in just a few days.

Are there any health benefits to microgreens?

We all know that eating vegetables is healthy and we should probably eat more. But, it's not only about quantity, quality matters too.

Research shows that microgreens have up to 40x the nutrient density of an adult plant. You can get a lot of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients from just a handful of microgreens - and the best part is, you can easily grow them yourself.

Are Evolve seeds GMO free and organic?

We are based in Slovenia, EU. Our suppliers have to stick to some of the strictest food control legislation in the world and our country is considered one of the greenest and most sustainable countries in the world.

All of our seeds are GMO-free and most of our seeds are organically grown. 

Because microgreens already contain all of the nutrients in the seed, there is no need for fertilizers or any other chemicals.

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