7 recipes better with microgreens

Alex K.

Pizza is a favorite here at Evolve Garden HQ. Microgreens are a perfect fit to almost any pizza. Just make sure you add them after the pizza is already done.

You can adjust the amount of microgreens that you want to include, ranging from a simple garnish to a main ingredient.


Avocado crispbread with spicy radish

Alex K.

If you only have a few minutes to prepare a quick bite before leaving the house, this is a perfect option for you.

For this recipe, you only need 3 items. Crispbread (crackers will do as well), 1/2 of avocado, tomato and China rose radish greens (you can substitute with Daikon radish or even Broccoli).

Take one half of avocado and crush it with a fork. Add salt and pepper to taste and spread over the crispbread. Add thinly sliced tomatoes, top with spicy radish microgreens.


Cold cuts with cheese and greens

Alex K.

Microgreens really add a dimension to this dish. Buckwheat microgreens have a tangy taste that goes well with pickled chilies and offset the strong flavors in Parmigiano cheese. Pea shoots are slightly sweet and crunchy and they go very well with all kinds of meats.

With this dish, the sky is the limit. Just remember, the secret is in the balance of sweet, salty, savory and sour. 

Green salad with Parmigiano cheese and raisins

There is a lot going on here. The lettuce is a base for this fresh, crunchy salad full of vitamins. There is some carrots in there, cherry tomatoes, topped with microgreens of your choice. Slices of Parmigiano cheese add a lot of umami to the bowl and... wait for it... sweet raisins to offset the sour taste of vinaigrette dressing.

The best part of this recipe is, that you don't have to follow it. You can throw almost any vegetable you have left in your fridge in the bowl. 

Start growing your microgreens now.

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